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Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Signature Massage: The Signature Massage is my most popular massage technique!  

Receive the best of both worlds; the perfect combination of a Therapeutic and Swedish massage all in one.  Other modalities, for example, hot stone, deep tissue, trigger point work,  lymphatic drainage, and/or aromatherapy are optional and may be incorporated into the session depending on each individual client's healing process, wants and needs.  This will allow more flexibility to be able to offer a more personalized massage without all of the extra charges.  Overall, the technique will be the same as the Therapeutic massage and will be the client's choice if they do/don't want to receive certain modalities.  Every session is catered to the needs of the client's current body condition.

Some benefits include:
-Improve circulation
-Pain management
-Reduce scar tissue, numbness, tingling
-Relieve headaches/migraines
-Decrease anxiety, depression, tension
-Helps with constipation 

Pre/Postnatal Massage: A wonderful way to treat yourself throughout pregnancy or to help relieve pregnancy pains.  After your bundle of joy(s) have arrived, this is a great way to help the mind and body relax and to work on any problem spots that may have developed during pregnancy, labor or delivery that are still lingering, making you uncomfortable.  The client will be in the side-lying position during this session to make it as comfortable as possibly for her.

 I am comfortable working on prenatal clients from the first through the third trimesters.

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